The British parliament has become a pathetic guardian of the public interest

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See this article in The Guardian: Fifa corruption, Snowden and surveillance, Rotherham child abuse, drugged athletes, Stephen Lawrence, WikiLeaks, MPs’ expenses, phone hacking, HSBC, cash for questions, cricket fixing, extraordinary rendition, Olympic bribery, Slater Walker share fixing, DC-10 crashes, thalidomide, corruption … Read More

Parliamentarily Over-Privileged

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Geoffrey Chaucer’s original “The Miller’s Tale”, written in the 14th century, is seen as a ribald parody that alludes to cheating, swindling, artifice, chicanery and embezzlement in the Church. Today, the story of Maria Miller’s sharp practice and deception, intended … Read More

Rule by Stealth

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Parliament lacks control even over the export of arms, furthermore, neither it nor the cabinet were aware that the security services were secretly harvesting data from numerous British citizens since 2005. Privatisation of public services is happening by the back … Read More

Welfare for the Rich

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“[W]ere an estimate to be made of the charge of the aristocracy to a nation, it will be found nearly equal to that of supporting the poor.” “[They] are not the farmers who work the land, and raise produce, but … Read More

Unrepresentative First Chamber

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In May, 2015, the Conservatives secured the right to govern despite 63.1% of the national vote being cast against them. The party won 331 seats, securing a parliamentary majority of 6 out of the total of 650 seats in the House of … Read More

Britain’s Mogul-Controlled Press

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Britain’s press is, in large part, a plutocratic, propaganda machine that, while not controlled by the state, is deeply interwoven with it and serving of the narrow vested interests of its oligarchical owners. Indeed, the intimidatory consequences of defying it … Read More

Bypassing Parliament

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The royal prerogative is profoundly undemocratic, as the powers enable decisions to be taken without the backing of, or consultations with, Parliament. The powers are a body of customary authority, privilege and immunity that, while being the sole prerogative of … Read More

Britain’s Hoary, Elephantine Second Chamber

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Much-needed constitutional provisions: 1. The state condemns all privilege and situation that tends to fracture the equality of citizens, between whom differences beyond those resulting from their talents or virtues should not exist; 2. No entity of the state may … Read More

Executive Criminality

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By means of exclusion and misinformation, when in power Tony Blair and his executive not only demonstrated contempt for democracy in unconstitutionally denying both Cabinet and Parliament effective decision making in relation to wars which were illegal, but also for international law.   War … Read More

Above and Beyond the Law

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Al-Yamamah, Britain’s largest-ever arms deal, clinched in 1985 with the help of Margaret Thatcher, and which generated £43 billion for BAE Systems, with another £40 billion in the offing, is just one example of the criminality in the arms industry. The … Read More