Blair, Cameron and Osborne are extreme narcissists who have sullied / are sullying this country. They look to their own enrichment and power and appear to have no genuine empathy for or understanding of the ordinary people of Britain.

According to psychologists, for the majority of people, receiving more than they deserve reduces their sense of well-being, Not so, though, for the 1% who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. For them their “sense of self-importance is generally extravagant, and they demand attention and admiration. Concern or empathy for others is typically absent. They often appear arrogant, exploitative and entitled.”

Democracy has been so undermined that these narcissists have, despite their low-calibre, been able to rise to leadership positions for which they are totally unfit and undeserving. Born with silver spoons in their mouths and with privilege served up for them on a plate, most have never had to evince their mettle in the face of adversity. They have never been tempered to prove that neither their integrity or humanity could be sacrificed in the normal rough and tumble of life. Instead, what we have as leaders are  deceitful, vainglorious, social misfits that personify a huge betrayal of public confidence.